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Jimdo – Website Builder


More than 12 million websites have already been created with Jimdo’s do-it-yourself website builder. Now the easy, intuitive Jimdo that you love is also available for Android. Use the app to create a free website and then edit and update it from any device: mobile, tablet, or desktop. No coding or technical skills required—it’s really that easy. With Jimdo for Android, you can:• Create a website wherever you are• Edit content on an existing website• Check your site statistics• Publish and share blog posts• Add photos and galleries• Add text, headings, and horizontal lines• Edit site structure including pages and navigation
CREATE A FREE WEBSITESign up and create a new website directly from the app. Choose a layout, enter a website name, and your new site is online. All Jimdo websites are already optimized for mobile devices and look great on a computer as well.
EDIT AN EXISTING SITEIf you already have a Jimdo site, you can log in and edit your site with the app. Add photos and text, create or modify pages, and monitor your statistics. Log in to your site on a computer for additional functionalities and to create an online store.
CHECK YOUR STATISTICSJimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users can monitor their website statistics from the app. Track unique visitors, page views, and most popular pages.
CREATE, EDIT, AND PUBLISH BLOG POSTSWrite and publish blog posts on your mobile device or tablet. Add photos and text to blog posts. Add categories to your posts, choose which posts to display on different parts of your website, and share posts.
CHOOSE YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESSYour new Jimdo website is online at
ADD PHOTOSTake a photo with your phone or tablet and add it to your website with the app. You can also add existing photos from your Camera Roll. Insert individual photos or create a gallery with multiple images. You can also add image captions, create links, and adjust photo alignment.
ADD TEXT, HEADINGS, & HORIZONTAL LINESAdd and edit text and headings on your website through the app. Use different-sized headings (H1, H2, H3) and horizontal lines to structure and separate content.
EDIT YOUR SITE STRUCTUREEdit your site’s navigation and create as many pages as you want. You can also hide, rename, rearrange, and delete pages within the app.

NEW TO JIMDO? WELCOME!You can use the web version of Jimdo to access tons of great free features like additional templates and advanced design and style options. You can even build an online store.
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